ZEN EXPERIENCE TULUM January 18th - 22nd, 2023

How was it lived?


It is the encounter of two ancient cultures: Mexico and India, which share more than 5,000 years of history, an experience that unites a surprising mix of colors, music, art and magical culinary and gastronomic flavors. In this beautiful fusion you will be involved with the spiritual revolution of Hinduism and the Mayan world that come together as a single element: the awakening of the mind, body and soul.

A combination of alchemy, wisdom, humility and ancient teachings with values for the next generations, aimed at those who want to learn and enrich their knowledge in a personal and collective movement, these ancient practices will leave a significant impact on the hearts of all human beings in a movement to awaken our consciousness.

Our values have been diluted moving through life in the hectic fast lane and we have lost contact with our inner self, leaving aside the education of the mind, body and soul. It is time to reconnect and create an individual consciousness, in order to evolve in this new era of transformation…







Un evento donde se promovió una forma de vida saludable; que buscó impulsar al despertar de la conciencia colectiva, hacia una vida de paz mental, tranquilidad y felicidad.



Deepak Chopra

Nam Nidhan Khalsa

Prem Dayal

Christopher Mahne

Pedro Moctezuma

Christopher Steven Groothuizen

Marcia Vargas

Dr. Evan Johnson

Sidartha Siliceo

Alyosha Barreiro

Alfredo Zagaceta


Simone Gigante

Sason Bishope Parry

Jacson Correia

Har Hari Singh

Maze Berod

Christopher Harrington

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Wakax Hacienda welcomes travelers in search of a complete disconnection from the hectic lifestyle of our times, and those who seek a genuine encounter with nature and their inner selves.

This amazing property is a classic architectural gem, built as a modern homage to the traditional XVIII century colonial style of the Yucatan Haciendas.

A perfect balance between luxury, comfort, pristine nature and Maya traditions makes our 160 hectares estate a unique paradise where exceptional service, outstanding amenities, exquisite gastronomy and remarkable activities fascinate our guests and visitors.

Our goal is to achieve the integral evolution of the being. As outside is inside and vice versa. We could not achieve an experience of inner transformation without taking into account our planet and its ecosystems.

As part of the climate change mitigation actions, Zen Experience Tulum attendees will contribute with their ticket a waste plastic decontamination tool for the sustainability foundation Deepack Chopra.

We will donate a PETGAS waste plastic transformation plant to eliminate the tons of single-use plastics that are littering the streets and beaches of Tulum. With this action we will take care of the life of all the species and our own life at the same time, because all this plastic will remain in the streets and the garbage dump for hundreds of years emitting greenhouse gases, co2 and methane or it will go to the sea, killing marine life and damaging the corals that give us oxygen.

This transformation plant will be put into operation for the benefit of the entire population and mainly for the Mayan communities that have witnessed in recent years the environmental deterioration of their lands, product of the voracious real estate and tourism progress in an area as wonderful as it is fragile.

Our goal will be the environmental regeneration of an extremely damaged area that today transports polluted water underground to the entire planet, a situation that can now be stopped once and for all before it is too late.

Tulum will finally have a tool of technological innovation to preserve its beauty and the life of all its species.

We Are Giants?

An outdoor experience in the middle of the Mayan jungle, in the most exotic and magical place in Tulum, “WAKAX HACIENDA” where you can live a multi-sensory experience transforming your life forever. This is a journey to a spiritual universe where the evolution of mind, body and soul will take place in a global meeting with thousands of people from all over the world.

You will feel the earth, observe nature, breathe the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature, dance with your heart, vibrate your body and travel within the depths in connection with Pachamama, “Mother Earth”.

In this beautiful space composed by 144 hectares we will hold a unique wellness and healing live event with the most experienced teachers and speakers in the following disciplines: Ayurveda – Yoga – Meditation – Breath Work – Music – Art – Culture – Gastronomic Experiences in a 100% holistic environment. A journey into your deepest self that you will never forget.

What is Ayurveda?

To understand what Ayurveda is, we can start by pointing out that it is the most important traditional medicine of India. Its ancient origins place it as the oldest holistic medicine. Beyond that status, today it is a living science that is taught in universities and enjoys official status in the Asian country. Its ability to interpret life without geographical or temporal limitations is remarkable.

This ancestral medicine and food with more than 5,000 years facilitates the application of nature’s resources while respecting the uniqueness of each patient. After a personalized assessment, the professional establishes a treatment based on nutrition, phytotherapy, wave therapy and Ayurvedic massage, meditation, yoga and even chanting, in order to maintain or restore the balance between mind, body and spirit.


In Ayurveda, each of us has a unique mind-body type, known as a dosha. Think of a dosha as your individual blueprint that describes your unique personality, tendencies and physical nature. Understanding your dosha reveals how to stay in balance to stay happy, healthy and disease-free.

The word dosha literally means: “energy.” The three doshas are:

Vata = Aire
Pitta = Fuego
Kapha = Tierra

The Three Doshas

Composed of ether and air. Means “that which moves things”. Qualities dry, light, cold, rough, hard, subtle, clear, mobile. Site in the body colon, thighs, hips, ears, bones and organs of touch

How to balance Vata

Favor warm, moist and cooked foods. Favor sweet, sour and salty tastes. Massage every day with vata balancing oil, sesame oil or almond oil. Establish consistent daily routines, including regular meals, exercise, meditation and sleep/wake times. Avoid erratic schedules, stimulants, cold and dry conditions, excessive travel and excessive sensory stimulation from smart phones, television and tablets.

Composed of fire and water. Means “that which digests things”. Qualities oily, pungent, pungent, hot, light, unpleasant odor, spreadable, liquid. Site in the body small intestine, stomach, sweat, sebaceous glands, blood, lymph and organs of vision

How to balance Pitta

Prefers foods that are nutritious, refreshing and not overheated. Favor sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. Keep the body cool as much as possible, avoid overheating. Incorporate regular moderate, non-competitive exercise. Avoid stimulants and acidic foods. Include meditation, nature walks or time for self-reflection and self-care in your daily routine as much as possible.

Composed of earth and water. Means “that which holds things together”. Qualities cold, wet, heavy, dull, opaque, sticky, soft, stable, solid, smooth. Site in the body chest, lungs, throat, head, sides, pancreas, stomach, lymph and fat.

How to balance Kapha

Prefers light, warm and cooked foods. Favor spicy, bitter and astringent flavors. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Vary your routine from time to time. Wake up at dawn or earlier. Avoid naps during the day. Eat lighter in the morning and evening, with your largest meal at lunchtime.

Similarities between Mexico and India

Mexico was the first Latin American country to recognize India after independence and to establish diplomatic relations with India.

Mexico and India are separated by a distance of 15,085 kilometers.

Mexico is a densely populated country with 124,574,792 million inhabitants; however, India with 1,281,935,872 million inhabitants is the second most populated country in the world.

The main thing we Mexicans have in common with India is something as much as the food itself, how much we love to be spicy. Indians and Mexicans share our eternal love for chili!

Did you know where our beloved China Poblana comes from? The story goes that back in 1621 an Indian woman named Mirra arrived in Mexico, specifically in the state of Puebla, and when she said she came from Asia, everyone called her China. She, feeling nostalgic for her homeland, bought brightly colored fabrics, adorning them with sequins, beads, etc. Little by little, Mexican women began to like these clothes more and more, until in times of the revolution, they were well adopted by the traditional Mexican culture.

By 3000 B.C. and 3300 B.C. onwards, Mexico and India shared something else, the belief in various deities to which they attributed natural phenomena and certain attributes of animals. An example of this is that each civilization had its own god of each natural element. While for India Agni was their god of fire, the Aztecs considered Xiuhtecuhtli the god of fire, day and heat.

Chalchiuhtlicue was an important goddess in Aztec mythology. As the goddess of water, she was vital to all aspects of life. Without her, both crops and humans would die of thirst. In Hindu mythology, Varuna is considered the god of all forms of water elements, particularly the oceans.

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Our mission is to provide the right tools to help create a collective consciousness allowing us to evolve into a better way of living and get us closer to a better world. We will change the environment with our learning and teachings, developing awareness of the choices we make and the impact on our being.

We live in a time when our body, mind and soul are disconnected from the source of vibratory power. We must evolve towards light, consciousness, love, and unity. We want to help our guests transform their lives. We care about life and evolution to achieve inner peace with your God and the universe unlocking all beliefs and structures that have tied us to matter, where the potential is the love deeply rooted within ourselves: a path towards consciousness and enlightenment.


Create and disseminate a new lifestyle that generates a collective consciousness to achieve the highest vibrations and synchronicity within a community, being erected by those wishing a real change in life. This change must be reached in a sustainable manner connecting each community member with spiritual light, healing your mind, body, and soul. A place where the past was, and the future does not exists.

Esta comunidad está creciendo en toda la tierra, hay un despertar en la consciencia por encima de la aparente realidad cotidiana, estamos creando un capítulo espiritual para disfrutar de la vida en todos sus aspectos, llenando el vacío del materialismo y los conflictos acostumbrados.

ZEN EXPERIENCE is meant to generate real magic within your heart and deepest truth to connect with all souls, life forms and the environment.

“A 5 day experience as limitless as your imagination”